With so many options and types of passes we know it can get confusing so we've attempted to summarise the options below. If you still aren't sure and need some help please contact us on or click on the types of passes available in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

For all international customers wanting to buy tickets to the Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival 2019, please email and the NZ TicketDirect team will organise a time to contact you and put through your purchase.
Please remember to only purchase your 2019 Wings Over Wairarapa tickets through the only official seller, TicketDirect

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What Aircraft will be there? See here for an idea of the aircraft which will feature

How is each day different? Visit each daily page for an explanation of how each day is different. Friday; Saturday; Sunday. Not sure when to come? Why not get a 3 Day Pass.

What does a silver pass get me? Visit here for the benefits of a silver pass

What does a gold pass get me? Visit here for the benefits of a gold pass

Why do I have to pay adult price for a child in the silver / gold areas? As these areas require us to hire equipment and provide catering the decision has been made that each seat is valued at this price to allow us to cover the costs. Remember that children 4 and under are free.

What happens if the event / any of the days are cancelled? Visit here for our ticket cancellation details


  1. Please note that 2019 Ticket Prices INCLUDE the booking fee. Ticket Prices do not include:

    • Credit card, merchant charges, internet banking costs and delivery costs are not included.

    • Delivery costs are $0.00 Per transaction for Print Your Own eTickets; $3.00 Per transaction for pickup tickets; $6.00 Per transaction for NZ courier deliveries; $9.00 Per transaction for NZ rural deliveries.

  2. For the purposes of ticket purchase a school child is between 5 and 18 years. Children 4 and under are free in the General Admission area.

  3. Aircraft displays may be subject to alteration without notice. The organisers many cancel or postpone any one or more advertised aircraft, display, performance or exhibit without incurring any obligation to pay any refund or any other liability.

  4. All persons admitted to the air show site or car parks are advised that air shows include elements of danger and risk of injury. Persons attending the airshow do so at their own risk and the organisers have no responsibility or liability for any injury, death, property loss or damage, or any other loss.

  5. The rights of refusal of entry and removal from the airfield or parking areas are reserved to the organisers.

  6. Gold Pass, Silver Pass, Corporate Tickets and Travel options are subject to availability.

  7. Still and moving photography is permitted from the Wings Over Wairarapa 2017 venue for private use and bona fide use by news media only. Commercial use of still or moving photography (video) may be permitted only with the prior written agreement and consent of the Wings Over Wairarapa Community Trust Board.

  8. Public camping of any kind is not permitted on the airfield or in any of the designated vehicle parking areas or in the private aircraft parking area. All vehicles must vacate the parking areas at the conclusion of each day's performance. There is a dedicated parking and overnight camping area for Motor Homes.

  9. Dogs are not permitted on the airfield.

  10. Patrons are not permitted to bring any alcohol into the Wings Over Wairarapa 2019 site.

  11. A strict security regime will be in operation at the Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival 2019. All persons entering this site may be subject to personal or property checks and inspections.

  12. Inclusion of aircraft on the Wings Over Wairarapa artwork/poster/website does not constitute a representation that the aircraft will be displayed at the next (or any future) Wings Over Wairarapa show. Many factors may prevent specific aircraft from appearing.

  13. No refunds, replacements or exchanges will be given on any ticket price or service fee except as required by New Zealand Law.