Tickets to Wings Over Wairarapa 2015 ARE ON SALE NOW.

Ticket Prices INCLUDE the booking fee. However, there are some costs which haven't been included because they vary between customer. These costs are merchant charges (credit card or banking fees) and delivery costs. Printing your own tickets is free but there are other options available too you also.Please refer to Terms and Conditions for further information.

We will have Gate Sales, however, these are at a premium price. See all the prices below.

Please Note: Gold Pass Tickets are available for sale until the end of 14th January only.




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2015 Ticket Prices - Prepaid Tickets

Prepaid Ticket Prices 


(Over 18)

Child (5 to 18)

Under 5's free


(2 adults, 2 children)

Gold Pass 

(Adult Price Only)

Friday, 16th January $25 $10 $50 $95
Saturday, 17th January $50 $10 $100 $175
Sunday, 18th January $50 $10 $100 $175
Two Day Sat and Sun Pass $90 $15 $175 $310
Three Day Pass $110 $20 $200 $395


Please Note: Although we do welcome children in the Gold Pass Area, we expect a level of behaviour which does not impact the viewing pleasure of the other Gold Pass Holders. In addition any child over 5 will require a Gold Pass priced at the full adult price. Children under 5 are free. Please Note: we are serving alcohol in this area.


2015 Ticket Prices -Gate Tickets. One Day General Admission tickets only will be available for a PREMIUM PRICE

Gate Ticket Prices



Child (5 to 18) Under 5's free

Family (2 adults, 2 children)
Friday 16th, January $30 $15 $70
Saturday 17th, January $65 $15 $140
Sunday 18th, January $65 $15 $140


Corporate Options

We have corporate options available to suit your style, taste and budget. Email Sara at to discuss.


Ticket FAQ's

  1. Please note that 2015 Ticket Prices INCLUDE the booking fee. Ticket Prices do not include:
    • Credit card, merchant charges, internet banking costs and delivery costs are not included. Visa Costs are 2.5% and Amex 3.5%
    • Delivery costs are $0.00 Per transaction for Print Your Own eTickets; $3.00 Per transaction for pickup tickets; $6.00 Per transaction for NZ courier deliveries; $9.00 Per transaction for NZ rural deliveries.
  2. For the purposes of ticket purchase a school child is 18 years and under. Children under 5 are free in the General Admission area.
  3. Gold Pass, Corporate tickets and Travel Options are subject to availability.
  4. Cancellations: If the show is cancelled we will endeavour to make the decision the day before. Please visit the website. facebook page or listen on The Hits radio station for updates.
    1. If Friday is cancelled then tickets will be refunded at source of purchase.
    2. If Saturday is cancelled tickets can be used on Sunday.
    3. If Sunday is cancelled tickets will be refunded at source of purchase.

Click for further terms and conditions.


Tickets for 2015 are available now at Please sign up to our Newsletter to receive updates.