Ticket Cancellation Policy

If the show is cancelled on Friday 22 February then all tickets will be refunded at your source of purchase.

If Saturday 23 February is postponed then Sunday 24 February is the postponement day and all tickets will be transferred to Sunday. This includes the Night Show tickets. 

If Sunday 24 February is cancelled all tickets will be refunded from Ticket Direct. If you have any further questions please contact Ticket Direct at support@ticketdirect.o.nz.

If you are unable to make the postponement date please contact support@ticketdirect.co.nz to request a refund.

Please listen to NZME stations, visit wings.org.nz or Facebook/wowairshow.

Please refer to Ticket Direct for additional information.

For all international customers wanting to buy tickets to the Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival 2019, please email support@ticketdirect.co.nz and the NZ TicketDirect team will organise a time to contact you and put through your purchase.
Please remember to only purchase your 2019 Wings Over Wairarapa tickets through the only official seller, TicketDirect