Aviation on the Ground:  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities available at Wings over Wairarapa Air Festival 2019

Ground activities will look a lot different at Wings 2019.  Our focus on STEM and inspiring youth into aviation careers includes a comprehensive list of engaging and interactive activities and demonstrations.  Some of our activities will engage a limited amount of young people at a time, and some are designed for large groups of people to gather around and enjoy.  Most are free, some are very low cost, and some workshop spaces will be able to be pre-purchased for Saturday and Sunday – these will be available online shortly.

Here’s a snapshot of what will be available (please note that there may be slight unavoidable changes made to some activities):

NanoGirl Labs – Pop-up Aero-Science and Street Science

The hugely popular NanoGirl and her Science Communicators walking through the crowd, engaging with young people and families with simple, fun science demonstrations. 

Fab Lab Masterton –  3D Printing and Digital Fabrication

INTERACTIVE MAKERSPACE - See 3D printing in action, and design your own 3D printable objects with guidance from Fab Lab members.  3D printers will be running continuously, and young people are free to use the Fab Lab laptops to learn the basics of TinkerCAD – a free 3D design application that they can keep using at home.

WORKSHOPS - Design and build your own 3D printed rocket in an interactive, hands-on session.  You’ll learn the basics of tinkerCAD, a design application you can use at home.

Aerospace Education – Rocketry Demonstrations and Workshops

Aerospace Education will introduce budding rocket scientists to the amazing educational activity of model rocketry which as the name suggests, involves building and flying models of the real thing.  All going well you will then get a chance to launch your rocket on site.  Also, Aerospace Education will give a stage presentation on rocketry which will encompass some live demonstrations of both solid fuel and water powered rockets

Model Flying NZ

DRONE FPV (First Person Viewing) RACING - Experience the thrill of sitting up the front of a racing drone while it whips around an obstacle course. 

AERONAVICS COMMERCIAL DRONES - Come and meet Scott Spooner from Hamilton-based leading drone manufacturers Aeronavics with some of the most sophisticated drones in the world.

Model Flying NZ UA Area - The magic circle is where you can learn about Unmanned Aircraft and see some incredible examples of model flying as a sport and a hobby:

CONTROL LINE STUNT FLYING - Flying with strings attached! Control line flying of model aircraft gives a positive feel to the pilot of the model and requires good reflexes to avoid hitting the ground which is never more than 20m away – experience stunt, team racing, combat, and speed.

LARGE SCALE RADIO CONTROLLED HELICOPTERS – See these life-like aircraft such as Wellington Westpac Rescue Helicopter Model BK117 and NZDF NH90

RADIO CONTROLLED DISCUS LAUNCH GLIDER - Come and watch New Zealand’s current and previous World Champions. Live demonstrations and coaching. Spectacular! Fast! Fun!

LARGE SCALE RADIO CONTROLLED JET TURBINES - Come and watch large scale RC jet turbines in operation and interact with the pilots – this includes large scale RC WWII warbirds.  Come and drool over cool stuff and talk to our ex Royal Air Force aircraft engineer with his full-size self-contained Vampire Jet engine idling on a stand.

Masterton Library - Circuitry

Masterton Library is hosting a fun class where kids can learn how to build their own electronic toy.  You’ll learn about electricity, circuit building, soldering, and by the end will have a functioning electrobug with eyes that light up!

Lockheed Martin

Learn the importance of Pilot Mathematics – why all those things you learned in class can help you in your amazing career!  Spin the wheel of fortune to see if you can spend ten minutes on a C130 simulator. 

New Zealand Defence Force:  Air Force, Army, Navy and Defence Technology Agency

A combined services contribution where you can learn how a jet engine works, how hydraulics make a plane and a helicopter controllable, how a parachute works and how electronics are essential to support a pilot on their mission.  A range of friendly RNZAF people from different trade groups will be available to answer questions about our many aircraft and trade displays.  Learn about the School to Skies Programme, talk to friendly NZ Defence Force Recruiters about careers and pathways to get there, and learn how Defence Technology Agency conducts science and research in a wide variety of areas. 

Clemente Castro – Flight Simulation

On Clemente’s  two flight simulators some very lucky young people will take the controls of aircraft such as the 747 jumbo jet, F/A-18 Hornet, P-51D Mustang, EH-101 helicopter and others.

Victoria University – Augmented Reality and Robotics

ROBOTICS AND B-BOTS – Robotics integrates all STEM fields in way no other subject can cover - mechanical, electrical, electronics, control engineering, computer science, technology, math and science.  Join the engineering experts and learn how you can make this dream a reality whilst playing with robots.

AUGMENTED REALITY – enjoy an augmented reality application designed just for Wings 2019 and create an amazing digital display of planes flying at our Air Festival.

Droneflyers – Indoor Drone Racing and Virtual Reality

Experience VR and drone technology with indoor racing drones and interactive drone racing simulators. Watch the experts flying small drones around a course and check out the computers running simulators.    

Life Flight – Winching and VR

Watch a Life Flight winch rescue through Virtual Reality, and talk to the pilot and crew about flying for Life Flight's Westpac Rescue Helicopter and Air Ambulance Planes.  Come and get one of Life Flight’s fun colouring packs.

Youth Glide NZ – Glider de-rigging

Watch and learn about the assemble and disassemble process of a glider as the Youth Glide New Zealand team attach the wings to a glider like a kit-set toy ready for flight.  Talk to the experts about how a glider flies and how to get involved in gliding.