Motorhomes and Caravans


As with previous years, we are very happy to welcome motorhome and caravan travellers to Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival. There is no cost for parking your motorhome or caravan in the Motorhome Parking area.

To gain access to the Motorhome Parking area you need:

  • Pre-register your details (below)

  • Purchase one 3 day pass per person to Wings Over Wairarapa Air Festival 2019. Please note, these MUST be pre-purchased prior to your arrival. 3 Day Passes are available HERE

  • You must have a fully self contained motorhome. There are no powerpoints or toilet facilities available

  • You need to arrive on either Thursday 21 or Friday 22 February between 4pm and 8pm

  • You can leave the site via private car at any time but Motorhomes can not be moved until after 5pm on Sunday 24 February

  • While onsite you must comply with the requirements of the Motorhome Management Team. For further information see below - Motorhome Parking Conditions

  • Please note you will receive a message on this webpage confirming you have submitted your form. You will not receive a confirmation email but as long as you've received the message here - you are booked in.

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Motorhome Parking Conditions

  • Motorhome parkers are experienced members of the Motorhome Caravan Association. They are responsible for your location

  • All Motorhomes must be fully self-contained as there are no power points or toilet facilities at the Motorhome Park

  • Due to fire risk there are to be absolutely no fires or barbeques (including gas BBQs)

  • Have fire buckets. (Min. 20 litre bucket for fighting fires placed at right front wheel and to remain full at all times. You can use multiple buckets if required)

  • Dogs are permitted at the Motorhome Park but must be on a leash at all times. Owners must clean up after their dogs and ensure the dog has adequate water and shelter especially in hot weather. Dogs are NOT permitted anywhere within the perimeter of the Aerodrome for safety reasons

  • Entry to the air field is only through the official ticket gates. Anyone attempting to enter in any other way will be removed from the parking area

  • There is a public toilet available. Anyone seen emptying their cassette into the toilet will be removed from the Motorhome Park


  • Dump Sations are available in Masterton, Carterton, Greytown and Martinborough – refer to NZMCA Travel Guide

  • Duncans Pharmacy is at Kurupuni and is open 7 days

  • Supermarkets in Masterton – PaknSave, Countdown and New World. Also Four Square at Solway.