Wairarapa Accommodation

Take a look at what’s available for your Wings weekend below. There are plenty of accommodation options in the Wairarapa. Greytown and Featherston are only a 20 minute drive away, and Carterton is only 10 minutes away.

Tranzit have buses that pass through all of these towns to get to and from Wings Over Wairarapa. To book your return bus ticket call Tranzit on 0800 471 227.

For further help to find a good place to stay please contact Pixie and the friendly team at The Masterton Visitor i-Site on 06 306 5010 or email Masterton@wairarapanz.com or visit http://www.wairarapanz.com/accommodation

If you’re coming to Wings with a caravan or by motorhome, consider staying at the air field. More information here.